We run IT workshops in schools to enhance teaching and learning through the use of technology.Our workshops include stop motion animation, video editing, coding, content creation using iBooks Author and other publishing software, along with immersive NowPressPlay headphones and even drone flying!

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Future Inventors

Take your students to a new level of creativity by introducing them to LittleBits. Covering sciences cause and effect as well as promoting big picture thinking and knock on effects, pupils will create circuits resulting in actions and responses. From lights and sensors to music and gizmos, inspire your class to think differently about electricity and how individual components come together to create something fantastic.


  • Suitable for ages: all primary
  • Ideal group size: small groups
  • Great for science elements of the curriculum


For more on littleBits – see their partner profile here.




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Immersive Learners

Let us take you to another world and teach classes in a way you’ll have never seen before. Nowpressplay have designed a fully emersive experience, based on the concept of silent discos. With each student having their own headset, choose from a huge range of story lines for your class to experience history like never before.

Have them act out their responses to the sounds, sights and smells being described to them. You can also split the class, to have different viewpoints of the same narrative running simultaneously, provoking interesting discussions and insights.

From Battle of Hastings to Egyptians and everything in-between, use emotion, movement and imagination to teach the subjects like never before and transport students to an adventure they’ll never forget.


  • Suitable for ages: all primary
  • Ideal class size: small or large groups catered for
  • Subjects covered: history, music, arts, literacy and drama



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Apprentice Inventors

Does your school have the future Tim Dyson? Do they fancy themselves as the next contestant on The Apprentice? Using a range of equipment, let teams loose and see what they can come up with in an allotted time.


Working in teams to create a new product, film an advert and write a pitch, combine technology, science and literacy skills to help build confidence and explore new realms of possibilities.


  • Suitable for ages: all primary
  • Ideal class size:large or small groups
  • Subjects covered: engineering, design, art, craft, model making, problem solving, media, marketing, business



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Game Makers

Make sure your students have the skills required for an ever-evolving job market. With more and more industries looking to increase their mobile and tablet presence, introduce your students to the “back-end” of the ipads and apps they’ll be so used to using. Learn be basics of coding and app development, with the result being their very own app or game.

A highly interactive and relatable challenge, the brief can be moulded to help support other current topics on top of ICT, whether that be maths, history, geography or a language. Engage your pupils in a new way of combining learning both subjects and skills as well as empowering each other through testing and trial sessions amongst the class.


  • Great for: all subjects
  • Suitable for ages: all primary



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Drone Programmers

Drone programmers is a highly engaging workshop that allows children to programme and fly their own drones.  An ever growing trend across a range of industries, most particularly within media and video technology, drones are making their way into every day life. From long spanning panoramic photoshoots to use within security and surveillance, give your children a chance to get their hands on their very own drone.
Engaging and highly relevant, teach your pupils basic coding skills using technology they’re unlikely to have ever seen before, let alone be let loose on.
Fully integrated onto our ipad software, students will build a set of code resulting in their drone taking off and flying where they tell it to. Depending upon ability, curriculum and facilities, we can adapt the workshop around your needs.
  • Suitable for groups: up to a full class size
  • Ages: all primary
  • Adaptable to lesson plans including: ALL
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Pro Animation

Let your students give Disney and Pixel a run for their money with our pro animation workshop. Using stop motion photography, groups can make art projects come to life, and star in their very own story. Using anything from lego to clay, students will create both the characters and set, then use numerous images to create moving pictures. Take them to the next level with music, voice overs and scripts, helping take those tough and more monotonous subjects instantly more interactive and interesting.

Each team will need to work together to create a concept for the story line, record any lines, add music and voiceover needed, as well as build sets and characters to fill the images. For examples of previous work, see below.

  • Suitable for ages: ALL
  • Great for: history and biology
  • Ideal team size: small groups or whole classes can be catered for


stop motion animation



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