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wireless infrastructure keeps leading academy ahead of the IT curve

 Client: Mounts Bay Academy, Cornwall   Category: wireless infrastructure     Tools Used: wifi, ipads,cabling, networking, training

Mounts Bay Academy, based in Penzance, Cornwall, has achieved specialist status in sports and community college, teaching and inspiring 900 11-16 year olds across five buildings. Continually striving to offer top quality education and personal experiences for both students and staff, they needed the wireless infrastructure and facilities to cope with the demands such a challenge produces.


At the forefront of technical development, Mounts Bay Academy quickly found their wireless infrastructure was unable to cope with their strategy. Microcomms was able to implement a high-quality wifi system able to comfortably support the current 1million plus data transactions a week from the site, both securely and within a tight budget!


Mounts Bay Academy have been at the forefront of technical development for a number of years, and in 2012 were one of the first schools in the UK to adopt a 1:1 i-pad deployment to over 1000 pupils and staff. The initial 1:1 deployment reflected the need for a strategic plan and design to support the rapid increase of data transactions and usage, and the scheme initially faltered due to the wireless infrastructure being unable to cope. MBA engaged Microcomms to implement a high-quality Wi-Fi system with minimal disruption to students and teachers, and offer a forward plan for the academy.


After investigation, Microcomms determined that the entire physical and data link layer required upgrading and re-configuring, which was delivered in less than a week, replacing switching and routing equipment, Wi-Fi, and such cabling as was needed.


Mounts Bay Academy was delighted with the results, delivered on time and in budget – the system now comfortably support over 1 Million data transactions a week and provides a level of security and functionality that ensures the school remains ahead of the curve in all areas of mobile learning.