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Helping take learning to the next level, littleBits is leading the way in building creative confidence in the minds of tomorrow. Allowing children to test ideas without fear, use their brains and hands to solve real world problems, with the use of littleBits, children not only engage and learn, but they become inventors.

Taking a classic from most of our childhoods, and updating the concept of building blocks, construction of bigger units and interesting colours, sounds and outputs, littleBits is the future of play based learning.

PlanIT Primary have been working with littleBits for years and through a range of workshops specialised to numerous modules of the curriculum, have been enriching lesson plans for all levels of primary school age, engaging pupils in interesting, involving and innovative lessons. Promoting both collaborative teamwork skills, as well as working with a range of levels of technology to find solutions through critical thinking as well as breaking the norms of being afraid to get it wrong.

With new kits continually being developed, from music to senors, light and integration with wireless controls, there are no limits to what can be achieved through a session with the littleBits kit.

To see the full range and see more of what littleBits are up to, check out their site.

If you’d like to get in touch about bringing littleBits to your school,¬†email James for your chance to have a play.