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InVentry is a PlanIT Primary technology partner, providing the most trusted site access and visitor management system available, designed specifically for educational clients. The fully-equipped, sign-in system allows you to accurately monitor who is in your school at any one time, leaving you feeling confident that your students are safe.  

Using compatible touch screens, visitors of any age can easily and efficiently log their arrival and departure ensuring the highest levels of safety for both your pupils and staff. Import full class lists with no need for manual entry. Take late pupils exact time of arrival, reason for lateness with the touch of a button and record which parent or guardian has collected a child each day for the ultimate in pupil safety.

With inbuilt webcam, take images of visitors and generate badges and ID tags with ease, as well as notifying staff via email or text that a visitor has arrived. From supplier visitors, to parents evenings and events held on the grounds, keep track of every member of staff, student body or visitor via multi entry points and while using a range of languages. Take the stress out of safety for your team, with easily integrated, encrypted and backed up system from InVentry.

Get in touch if you’d like a demo or a quote for visitor entry at your school.