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With the objective to improve productivity and engage students without adding extensive training for each teacher, Illogan Primary School needed to invest in technologies that were both adaptable and fitted their needs.
As previous Interactive White Boards were not achieving the results required, they contacted Microcomms to help rectify the problem. The outcome was replacing the old and outdated technology, with iBoard Touch screens, allowing teachers to get using the software straight away, delivering interesting, interactive and most importantly engaging lessons to students.
The flexibility iBoards offer allowed lessons to be taught in a dynamic and live environment, with students able to collaborate ideas while in different locations, opening up a range of options for inter-classroom activities.
Following the success of the integration of new technology, Illogan also rolled out a 1-2-1 Chromebook scheme in KS2. Microcomms were on hand to provide functional training to staff on how to get the most out of the Chromebooks in a learning environment. This meant staff were able to get full use from the Chromebooks, including teacher student collaboration on homework after the final bell of the day rings.
To address the growing dangers of online activities and safety, Microcomms were also able to delivery full E Safety training for pupils across all of KS2 delivered from a CEOP ambassador.